What is Tempeh?

It is a fermented food product created by a controlled fermentation of cooked soyabeans with a Rhizopus oligosporus mold. Because of this fermentation the soyabeans bind themselves to a solid white cake. Tempeh finds its origin in Indonesia where it is probably discovered accidentally by preserving boiled soyabeans in hibiscus leaves, which naturally contain this Rhizopus fungus.

Tempeh is becoming increasingly popular around the world as people seek opportunities to increase their intake of soyabeans. They discover that tempeh is versatility and tastes delicious.

Especially vegetarians and vegans find the meat-like structure and the high protein content interesting. It is also easy to make tempeh yourself at home. Making tempeh yourself gives great satisfaction, especially because the taste of fresh tempeh is delicious and can not be compared with this, from the store.

Tempeh contains isoflavones and saponins
Tempeh is very nutritious due to its high protein content and contains many health-promoting ingredients such as isoflavones, saponins, vitamins and minerals. Especially the isoflavones and saponins are unique components of tempeh and soya. Isoflavones strengthen our bones, help to relieve symptoms of menopause and reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers (such as prostate cancer and cervical cancer).
Saponins can reduce the risk of colon cancer. They also lower cholesterol levels and stimulate the immune system. During the fermentation process, complex nutrients are broken down into easily absorbable components, such that the digestibility of the soyabean is increased. During the production of tempeh, natural antibiotic components are formed that protect our body against intestinal infections.

Tempeh is a versatile product
Fresh tempeh has a solid texture and a nutty aroma. Tempeh can be used in different ways. Normally tempeh is cut into slices that are fried in oil until they are crispy and golden brown. Tempeh can be used as an ingredient in soups, appetizers, salads, rice dishes and as a sandwich spread.