Blok 400 gram
Tofu portion pack 200 grams
Tofu strips marinated 175 grams.
Tofu cubes smoked 175 grams.

Dried soybeans, water, gypsum powder (gypsum / calcium sulphate)

Nutritional, vitamins and minerals Tahoe / Tofu per 100 G

Nutritional value: Vitamins: Minerals:
Energy: 121 Kcal
Energy: 510 Kj
Water: 74,0 g
Protein: 12,0 g
Carbohydrates: 1.5 g
Sugars: 0.5 g
Fat: 6.5 g
Saturated: 1.0 g
E.o.v. *: 1,6 g
M.o.v. *: 3,5 g
Cholesterol: 0,0 mg
Vezels: 5,0 g
Vitamine A: 0,00 mg
Vitamine B1: 0,06 mg
Vitamine B2: 0,02 mg
Vitamine B6: 0,00 mg
Vitamine B11: 10,0 ug
Vitamine B12: 0,00 ug
Vitamine C: 0,00 mg
Vitamine D: 0,00 ug
Sodium : 10.0 mg
Potassium : 60.0 mg
Calcium : 200.0 mg
Phosphorus : 130.0 mg
Iron : 2.0 mg
Magnesium : 95.0 mg
Koper: 0,20 mg
Zink:1,20 mg

* m.o.v. polyunsaturated fatty acids / * e.o. monounsaturated fatty acids

Product information

What is it?
Tofu, tahoe, tahu, soy cheese, beancurd, soybean cheese, bean curd, tauho, to-fu, doufu

What is it?
Salted and drained substance from a salt mixture or gypsum solution, extracted from soy milk, made from mashed, cooked dry soybeans. Tofu is grayish white in color and is usually cut into rectangular blocks. In texture, tofu varies from very soft (smooth silken tofu) to firm with a crumbly texture. The taste is subtle is eaten in Chinese and Japanese cuisine for centuries, with many variations.

How to use?
Tofu is stewed in a sauce and eaten in stir-fries or stews, with or without meat or fish. Preparation method depends on the type of tofu. Smooth soft ‘silken’ tofu can be eaten raw, the firmer tofu varieties can be fried, stuffed or simmered. Fresh tofu should be stored in the refrigerator under cold water.

What’s on sale?
Fresh tofu is for sale really fresh in a bowl of water in the Chinese supermarket, or in a plastic package in the fresh box. For other variants with tofu look here: tofu mills (pressed thin skins) and dried tofu (weeks before use).