Roti sheets per 8 pieces

wheat flour, water, sunflower oil, baking soda, baking powder

Product information

With the emigration of Hindustani from India to Suriname, the roti has also come along. The “pancake” that is called roti in Suriname (also in the Netherlands) and called as chapati in India. It is a kind of unsweetened bread pancake that can have various additives:
in the Surinamese variant mostly ground yellow split peas (roti dalbharie) or potatoes (roti alubharie) and with flavoring such as cumin and chili pepper. For the preparation, balls of dough (possibly with additional ingredients) are rolled out into thin “pancakes” which are baked on a so-called roti plate.

The Surinamese roti is served with a number of side dishes such as garter, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, garlic, onion and various types of meat (chicken, duck, sheep), which side dishes are usually seasoned with masala, a mixture of ground spices similar to curry. Roti is not eaten with tomato in Suriname.
It is customary to eat the roti with your hands. One breaks off a piece of the rotation to eat and grabbed the rest piece of roti in hand. Roti Wraps, which can also be eaten with a fork and knife, are on the rise.

Nutritional Value

per 100 gram
Energie: 110 Kcal
Energie: 460 Kj
Egg whites: 7,0 g
Carbohydrates: 12,0 g
Sugar: 1,5 g
Vet: 3,0 g
Verzadigd vet: 0,7 g
Vezels: 1,5 g
Natrium: 0,45 g